Lounsbury & Associates has been in continuous operation since 1949, providing professional services in surveying, engineering, planning and project management. Our experience includes a wide variety of surveying and engineering projects spanning the State of Alaska.

Our staff is quality conscious, production oriented and equipped with the latest industry advancements. We are a motivated, highly experienced and capable firm and are committed to providing our clients with the best in professional service. We look forward to serving you on your next project.


Lounsbury and Associates (Lounsbury) is Alaska’s oldest Surveying and Engineering Company. Founded in 1949 while Alaska was still a Territory of the United States, our company and the great state of Alaska have grown together.

Major milestones for the State of Alaska and Lounsbury tend to go hand and hand. A few examples of this include our role staking the discovery oil well on the Kenai Peninsula to laying out the first gravel airstrip at Prudhoe along with subsequent oil wells or supporting construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline in addition to enhancing Alaska’s transportation system by designing Alaska very first Roundabout.

Lounsbury is proud of our contribution to making Alaska a great place to live. Over our history we have completed thousands of surveying, planning, and engineering projects covering the vast expanse of our state. We understand the interconnections between the technologies we apply to a specific project and the end results expected by our clients. Our skilled professionals provide you with the technical expertise gained over years of application on a diverse range of projects. We have established a reputation for applying sound judgment and innovative solutions. Every day we meet the unique challenges of each project within established budgets and schedules.